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example of AR

This is a movie representing an AR, the background is whatever you want to shoot with your camera.
In real life the AR talks and move as if it were with you!

Target countries in early stage

Austria / Australia / Belarus / Belgium / BosnaHercegovina / Bulgariya / Canada / Croatia / CzechRequblic / Denmark / Estonia / Finland / France / Germany / Greek / Hong Kong / Hungary / Indonecia / Italy / Ireland / Latvia / Lietuvos / Luxembourg / Malaysia / Netherlands / Norway / Philippines / Poland / Republic of South Africa / Romania / SanMarino / Serbia / Singapore / Slovakia / Slovenia / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / Taiwan / Thailand / Turkey / UAE / UK / Ukraine / USA / Vietnam




Welcome to the DIASTATION Live web cam Application.
This Live web cam Application is the first in the world that will enable you to make the relationship and bond with your Followers stronger and more familiar, raising new sensations created by using the AR (Augmented Reality) technology.
The AR technology will surpass all the problems of a Still Picture and the limits that a static image could not satisfy while easily delivering a new way of processing things.

If you would like to be a Creator, you will need to register to a DIASTATION Class that will match your current status.
About the Classes, there are two different main types.
The first type is a Class that you can share with your friends as a group, in order to do Live web cam and produce AR together.
The second one is a Class that you can manage by yourself without the help of your friends.
With the Live webcam System inside the Application, in addition to talk about your daily events with your Followers, you will be able to call out for Donations to use in order to create new AR and you will also be able to introduce your new AR contents to them.
(This Application was not create to do Live Webcam by using the AR technology.)

The categories of the Creators that will perform the Live Web Cam will be divided into different genres that will continue to increase within time. Inside this Classification there also will be the Animal Category (Your own Pet) and while doing Live Webcam you will also being able to participate in it as the owner.
In addition to this point, DIASTATION as Live web cam Application, will support the Live web cam Creator by giving the opportunity to take advantage of various Donations Systems. One of this will be the「Animal Rescue Support Program」
(About the Donations Collected by using this program, DIASTATION as a company will give up on its profit in order to help the「Animal Rescue Support」and will use the income just to cover the platform cost and the system operation cost. )

Inside the Application, Followers will be able to download the DIASTATION Live web cam Application and Follow the Account of their favorite Creator・Participate personally in the broadcast of their Channel. In addition to this, in this Application they will also be able to support Creators by giving them Donations and collect the AR that they will create.

The ARs created for this Application can be displayed in the Smartphone Screen of all the Followers that will obtain them. Like this, they will be able to bring you and your AR with them, inside the network environment, in the place where they are in that moment so that they will surely enjoy the feeling of spending their own time with their favorite Creator.
In addition to this, the Followers will be able to gather the obtained AR in the DIASTATION Picture book, which is structured like a game where you can make a Collection, being able to check easily the number of owned AR and what AR is acquired or not.

Beside the AR Collection System, a Follower will also be able to give Donations and by using this method they will gain Points and make them increase gradually.
Inside the Application, Followers will be able to check the number of Holding Points and by increasing this number they will be able to obtain various rights and benefits.

The DIASTATION Live Web cam Application is equipped with a Crowdfunding Service in order to increase the realism of the relationship Creator・Follower.
For this reason, the Crowdfunding Service was inserted inside the Application itself so that it can be used directly without moving to other Crowdfunding sites.

* To become a Creator for the DIASTATION Live Webcam Application, you will need to pass an Audition.

* Regarding the Donations made by the Followers, the distribution of the rates between you and DIASTATION will be determined based on the Creator behaviour inside the Application and by various goal to achieve established by the company standard. Every case will be different.

* About Live Broadcast and recorded AR, things as: criticism of individual or specific group of people, words that could offend or requires discomfort to others, explicit sexual expression or sound, full naked or inappropriate exposure/excessive exposure etc… In any of these situations, this actions will immediately be deleted by the censorship of DIASTATION that can also decide to delete the Creator Account and Registration.

* About the know-how of the shooting and processing AR, DIASTATION will give support to the Creators by introducing Photographers and Shooting Studio Locations.

Product by Diamant Rose

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DIASTATION Introduction video #1 (English)

DIASTATION Introduction video #2 (Italian)

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